What is your product?

There are many repetitive tasks that take up precious time out of the workday and the truth is – they can be automatized. Wouldn’t you like to use this time solving actual customer issues. Here is how innovative technologies let’s you do it.

It all comes down to reusing the effort made in the past – whenever an email is received Lexis analyzes it and checks whether its answer is present in any of the templates or past emails written by the user. The  most suitable responses are then suggested to the agents who can now focus solely on the customer. The software makes the goal of responding to every client within the company’s time frame much more manageable.

What does the product cost?

Our business model is subscription based – per month – per employee. Contact us to get an offer.

What is the business case?

As companies grew in business and number of employees they had to set rules and establish processes. This ensured for stability and order which then allowed for prosperity. Nevertheless nothing stays the same and right now we live in a world of instant gratification. When people contact customer support they expect to get answered promptly and they expect to get their problem solved… and chances are their are not the first person to experience this issue.

Most of the questions customers have are not unique! Having faced a problem numerous times the employee needs but a quick glance to pick out the most suitable answer and focus on personalizing the response. That’s how you make sense of you previous efforts and make time for pleasing the client.

Can your software work in my company?

If you are facing high volume of repetitive customer queries and you have challenges in optimising your support support, contact us.

Which languages do you support?

Here is a list of languages that we currently support: Bulgarian, English, French, German, Romanian, Spanish and Turkish. If you do not find your desired language, please contact us and make a request.

Which channels can you support?

Sо far we are covering emails and our next goal is live chats.

What systems do you integrate with?

At the moment our plugin is integrated with Outlook and we are working on Thunderbird integration. If you are using different mail client or CRM system contact us and make a request.

How secure is the technology?

Your data security is our priority. We follow best data safety practices – HTTPS encryption, Azure Web application firewall for detection and prevention of malicious requests, Azure DDos protection, storage encryption and OAuth2 authentication.

Do you offer an API?

We are launching our API soon. Stay tuned! If you have questions about it don’t hesitate to contact us!