With this first post I would like to introduce our team and tell you about our path so far.

HackFMI 8

This is where the team got together. We applied for the 3-day hackathon as a team of 6 and had no clear idea what we were going to do. By the end of the first day we had decided on making a sentiment analysis app. A to-do list was made and jobs assigned. Everybody worked hard and stayed late. We finished everything just in time to get to the hall and present the result. Everything clicked during the pitch and eventually the judges granted us the first prize. This was the beginning.


Right after we won HackFMI 8 we learned about UniStart – an accelerator that could satisfy our new-born curiosity about entrepreneurship. The 6 week program easily exceeded our expectations with lectures and workshops covering the needed skill set, networking events, weekly challenges and the fact that the organizers were always willing to lend a helping hand. All that combined resulted in our first pivot towards making a solution that customer service departments would benefit from. Without a doubt UniStart had a great influence on each and every one of us and changed our attitude towards the startup. When graduation day came Puzl and Microsoft provided us with coworking space and servers respectively.

Junior Achievement

We applied for a second academy because we wanted to learn as much as we could and the word was the program was very beneficial. It would take 3 months and end with a grand graduating event electing a winner that would receive the title of “Best student startup company for 2017”. JA held a lecture every 2 weeks and the topic would vary which each different guest. During the networking part following each talk we could get feedback on our idea and improve it.The closing event itself was a competition that lasted for 2 days. We were judged on 4 criteria and we even spent the first night working so that we fill in the gaps. In the end the hard work paid off and we were given the first prize which enabled us to proudly call JA Startup Hambar our office.

Lexis right now

As we gained more knowledge we decided to pivot and make a plugin for Outlook (and eventually CRM platforms) that would greatly decrease the response time for written queries. The way Lexis works is simple – whenever a new email is received Lexis checks whether its answer is present in any templates or past emails written by the user. The concept is exceptionally viable in the case where you receive similar emails and send identical answer hence our focus lies on companies that have customer support departments.


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