There are many repetitive tasks that take up precious time out of the workday and the truth is – they can be automatized. For example the time spent on everyday manual searches through answers repositories.

Wouldn’t you like to use this time solving actual customer issues. Here is how artificial intelligence let’s you do it.



Whenever an email is received Lexis analyzes it and checks whether its answer is present in any of the templates or past emails written by the user.

The most suitable responses are then suggested to the agents who can now focus solely on the customer. The software makes the goal of responding to every client within the company’s time frame much more manageable.



Lexis integrates with your existing CRM system and is way smarter than the currently used support automation solutions such as copy & paste, templates or rule-based chatbots.

Response suggestions save valuable time of customer support agents who are often faced with an overwhelming volume of repetitive queries.

Best news is – depending of how much your business craves for optimization Lexis could boost up your productivity by more than twice.